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Vieux Amis




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Monday, August 2, 2021

Vieux Amis

Vieux Amis (“Old Friends”) brings together 3 friends, neighbours, and long-standing...

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Sweet Chance

Morag, Catrin, and Rachel all studied together at the Royal Academy of Music in London and...

About Us

About Us

Wanaka Concert Society

Music has a wonderful ability to inspire people. It forms a common connection and brings us together to enjoy performances by wonderful musicians.

Bringing top musicians to Wanaka, WCS is committed to creating opportunities for Wanaka locals and visitors to experience the very best of the world's musicians.


How to Support Us


Become a subscriber and enjoy a special concert organised annually for just subscribers and donors. For only $10 (subscription fee) per person, you get that nice warm feeling of supporting WCS!


Make a donation to help us bring the best performers to Wanaka. The generosity of donors enables us to present more expensive, often international concerts in Wanaka, while keeping admission prices affordable. For donations of $5 or more you can claim a tax credit.


Get involved with WCS

Encourage people to come and enjoy our concerts by telling your friends, neighbours, people you see socially, and new arrivals to Wanaka about our concerts. Don't forget those who live on their own.


Our Sponsors

We are delighted to acknowledge the assistance of our sponsors who assist in making a significant difference to the work of Wanaka Concert Society. Our sponsors help ensure that our activities are able to flourish, and that the highest quality music is available to us here in our town. If you would like to join our list of official sponsors and support live music in Wanaka, please get in touch.