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Vieux Amis

Vieux Amis

When: 7.30 pm Monday, August 2, 2021

Where: Lake Wanaka Centre

Genre: Chamber Music

Duration: 90 minutes

Restrictions: No restrictions

Vieux Amis (“Old Friends”) brings together 3 friends, neighbours, and long-standing colleagues. Violinist Justine Cormack, cellist James Bush, and pianist Sarah Watkins all grew up together in Christchurch, and their bonds run deep.

Justine and James grew up across the road from each other, learning music together at the Christchurch School of Instrumental Music.

There, as teenagers, Sarah and Justine first played chamber music together. The bond carried them into their careers—Sarah and James toured with CMNZ in 1996, and they first performed in this trio configuration in 1997.

Justine and Sarah went on to work closely together as founding members of the NZTrio. James took a different tack, his fascination with the freedom and energy of baroque performance practice leading him to work with many of Europe’s top baroque orchestras and ensembles.

Vieux Amis present a programme that marries their diverse areas of expertise, cohering as a concert of vim and elegance. The links between Bach, Pärt and Shostakovich couldn’t be clearer.

The programme is an exquisite and potent musical statement unto itself. The first half has a strong baroque flavour with careful modern comments. We hear different combinations of instruments here, the poise and transparency setting the stage for the fullness of Shostakovich’s powerful second piano trio in the second half.

Arvo PÄRT | Für Alina, solo piano, 3’

Joh Seb BACH | Viola de Gamba Sonata in D Major, cello and piano, 18’

Arvo PÄRT | Mozart Adagio for violin, cello and piano, 6’

Joh Seb BACH | Sonata in E major for violin with continuo BWV1016, 16’


Dmitri SHOSTAKOVICH | Piano Trio no 2 in E minor op 67, 28’

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Payment on the night. Bookings preferable 2-3 days beforehand.

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Arrive early and enjoy a drink at one of the many nearby cafes beforehand.

Relish, Francescas, Urban Grind and others.

This concert replaces Les Voisins which was cancelled due to Covid.


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Cash sales at Gifted Design, 19 Helwick Street, Wanaka. $35.00 adults, school pupils free.

3 old friends perform with vim and elegance